Friday, May 23, 2014

Fifth Graders Discover Ancient Greek Ruins

Fifth graders recently presented their amazing musical compositions, which they created under the guidance of Dr. Johnson-Green. They sang, played keyboards and guitar, and recited a Greek chorus-style narrative.

The scenery for their performance consisted of a PowerPoint presentation of their ancient Greek ruins project. Based on the colors and styles of Greek pottery, this project allowed the students to create a visual representation of their academic and musical knowledge.

First, students drew their Greek god or goddess in their sketchbooks, using an image they found using their iPad. Then, they drew with colored pencil and Sharpie onto terra-cotta tiles (purchased at Home Depot). Finally, they smashed their tiles with a hammer to give them a worn, ancient look.

For the full presentation of the students' artwork, click below:

Fifth Graders Explore Ancient Greek Ruins