Friday, March 16, 2018

Third Grade African Masks

Third Graders designed these masks after exploring the cultural and aesthetic traditions of African masks. They learned that masks are worn for specific ceremonies and that mask making is an important job. They wrote about the significance of their masks, explaining the design choices and the new traditions.

Seahawk, because it represents freedom. It’s used in a funeral.

My character is a dog and a bird. The event would be when a baby is born. The mother or the father would wear it. The purpose is to honor the baby.

Puppy-Kitten: My mask is worn at a birthday party. It represents fun.

Used: graduation.

Animals: badger, panda (relaxation), lion (bravery), eagle (cleverness), snake (awareness), scorpion (strength).

This is worn on a birthday. I love birthdays and all these animals. It is for a birthday party because it makes kids laugh!

My dog/cat entertains at fun events. Also, it can take away sad feelings and brings good ones. It hangs out at fun events.

This mask is a whale. It reminds people of peace. It is worn during a birthday party and should be worn by the birthday boy/girl and should make them feel happiness- not only the boy/girl but anyone that is in their path…

This cobra mask is worn for protection when animals come to kill.

I chose peacock, cat and dog, fish. I think it stands for faith. My mask would be for a happy celebration.

My mask is to show protection and wisdom: Bat, fox, owl. You wear it at the transition from childhood to adulthood.

I did a penguin and a lion because they can both kill you and my mask is for war.

I made a lions mane to show the power and horns to get my prey. I wear my mask when you feel happy any time. And with vampire teeth to eat.
This mask is worn before a general goes to war.

My Cavlier King Charles Spaniel has the strength of a bull because cavaliers are very small. My mask represents that strength is on the inside and not the outside. My mask helps you get through times.

It is for funerals in front of the grave. The feathers symbolize welcoming angels, same with the smile and the halo. The mouth under the smile symbolizes scaring away bad spirits.

My animal is a bull. I chose this animal because they are strong and fierce. My second animal is a unicorn. I chose this animal so its horn can head-butt its enemies.