Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Second Grade Self Portraits

Essential Question: What can we learn about an artist from their self-portrait?

Second Graders created these portraits using pencil, then Elmer's glue, on black paper. Finally, they added color with soft pastels. When the glue dries, it leaves clear, smooth lines that resist the chalk pastels- resulting in raised outlines that beautifully contrast with the vibrant colors. I love this project! It allows for such creativity and color choice, and of course they love mixing the colors with their hands. As an introduction to the project, we observed and discussed self-portraits by Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Third Grade Illuminated Letters

Essential Question: How (and why) in history have people demonstrated that an object is important or special?   

Illuminated manuscripts were created as early as 1000-1500 years ago.  The artists would decorate or illuminate the first letter in an important book by adding details and by finishing it with actual gold.

Third graders used sharpie and pencil to create these beautiful letters. Each letter includes a winding/scrolling thing, an animal, a pattern, and a plant. They illuminated their letters by using gold sharpie to highlight what they felt was the most important parts of their drawings.

Kindergarten Learns About Line!

Kindergarteners learned about line, and important element of art. We observed how artist Wasily Kandinsky used line as an important element in his abstract paintings.  Then, we used call and response to chant a great little poem by artist/educator/blogger Cassie Stephens:

Larry the Line
Is a friend of mine
He can make three
Straight lines for me!
and horizontal!
Any curve, he can learn
With a twist and a turn.
When he's out of his tangle
he makes a great...angle.
Any line, he can make
After all, he's a snake!

The kindergarteners loved chanting and moving their arms and hands along with the poem. Afterwards, I demonstrated how to use oil pastel to create lines across the paper. Finally, I showed them how to use water to "wake up" watercolors and create a colorful line painting.