Friday, September 12, 2014

Off to a Great Start in Art!

The first week of school is a busy time in the art room. I love to see all of the familiar and new faces. I make the opening projects and activities as active and engaging and possible so that they are immediately inspired to think creatively.

Kindergarteners traced and colored in their hands, then we created a bulletin board entitled, "This year in Art, we will make wonderful things with our hands!"

First graders read The Dot, a wonderful book by Peter H. Reynolds, and created their own wonderful dots.

Second graders completed and illustrated a sentence: "I am an artist when..."

Third graders began creating their illustrated names, where they transform the letters into their interests and favorites.

Fourth graders created "Artist Eyes," where they answered the questions: How do you see the world? What is important to you and how does it influence how you make your art?

Fifth graders came up with a list of Art Core Values and illustrated their choices.

Sixth graders started learning perspective drawing and began designing their dream rooms.

Seventh graders started using special drawing pencils and practiced shading.

Eighth graders started learning Zentangle patterns, or "tangles." They will combine them to create elaborate compositions on 2-D and 3-D surfaces.